Meet Your Coach

The Right-Hand Man

My Virtual Right-Hand Man Hello! I'm J.L. Erskine, your premiere lifestyle management professional and coach. Consider me as your "extra hand and extra brain," your 25th hour Virtual Right-Hand Man


My Virtual Right-Hand Man I'm more than a lifestyle expert, business owner and coach, I'm the other you, bringing you a VIP experience in everything you and I do. My greatest desire is to become a TRUSTED CONFIDANT to facilitate the details that will benefit YOU


"You don't know what you don't know and you don't know where to turn for advice you can believe in!"


My Virtual Right-Hand Man I decided to open a business that give YOU the gift of re-writing your "Story" whether it's career, life, mindset, money, relationship or all of the above.


My Virtual Right-Hand Man By delegating your False Evidence Appearing Real of living with DIABETES to me, YOU reclaim your HEALTH, RELATIONSHIP, WELLNESS and TIME. Allowing you to execute your vision and maintain focus on things that really matters. 


"My expertise in coaching change of mind, brain, and behavior helps you master the change and transformation of your health, relationship, and wealth story!"


My Virtual Right-Hand Man May I point out, "My clients range from authors, coaches, and speakers who are living with Type 2 diabetes, to prediabetes, and those who are seeking lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes


My Virtual Right-Hand Man Everyone could use a little more support in their lives. 



25th Hour







Professional Concierge


International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association

United States Navy Retired


Limited Duty Officer


Master Chief Petty Officer

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